Gaining Clients Through Copywriting

Now that you have decided to move your business online, gaining clients will be at the top of your list. How do you gain clients? Through copy writing. There are three components that you need to incorporate into your web design according to Cathy Goodwin. She presents her ideas in quick, simple, easy to understand steps.
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Business Online: Swipe File

You are ready to transfer your business online but get loss when thinking what kind of ideas you should design in your website and blog. Should I include a login page? Should I have a home page? Should I sell my products on different pages or all on the same page with links to different specifics on each product? When you design your website, it is your design. But coming up with an idea for a design makes some people panic.

I recommend you start a new file on your desktop and name that file "Swipe File." When you are researching online and come across a site that has a great design that you like, simply save it in your swipe file. When you are ready to set up your site, simply review the ideas you saved in your swipe file. These are simply ideas to help the creative juices flowing. Once you start your website, creativity will take over and soon you'll wonder why didn't you do this sooner. What 's keeping you from starting a website?

Business Online Transfer

Transferring your business online is a big step for some businesses. The decision to move online or add to you business by moving online can cause many people to pause. Questions to ask your self could run every where from Why? to How? and everything in between.

Consider this option. Now matter how your business is doing now, you can improve it by transferring it online. There are no guarantees, though. It will be directly related to how much time you spend working it. How much time do you spend marketing your business? Depending upon your product or service, your website or blog will need just as much attention to achieve the same , if not better results.

If you have 'x' amount of customers now, you could gain 100 times that many. Remember posting a blog online makes the world your potential customers. There would be no limits to who you can appeal to for your products and services. Sales may increase as a direct result of your website or blog.

I heard one time that if 100 people find your blog, maybe one will purchase from you. I don't know if that statistic is true but remember you are broadcasting your information world wide to millions of people. Whether you are an established company or not, transferring your business online will make you look like you are. With proper web design, you can impress customers and show your full potential in your field. What's keeping you from transferring online?

Marketing: Decide Your Plan Of Action

What is the first thing you should do to transfer your business online? How much time do you spend marketing your business now? Most businesses probably spend 50% of their time marketing. How much time you spend will directly relate to the amount of traffic you have coming to your blog.

The first step should be to set up a blog and post often to it. The search engines love new content. To post frequently means you will move up the ladder on the search engines. You will get picked up more often by the search engines than someone who only spends one hour a month. The more you post, the more traffic you get. More traffic mean more sales.

Posting to your blog is a marketing strategy. If you post every day for 30 days, you will be doing what some people call 'power blogging.' They are drawing more traffic and potential customers to their site. How often will you post to your blog? What is your marketing plan for today?

Excuses That Keep you From Starting A Website

When you want to transfer your business online, one of the first steps you need to take is to have a website. When people hear the word 'website' they panic. Here are the three most common excuses not to start a website:
1. it's a lot of work
2. it's complex
3. you have to know html code.

But I have found a product that will eliminate those excuses. This program will show you to take steps to start and talk (or walk) you through each one. After you have started a new folder entitled "8 Hour Website" here are 3 steps to help you get started:
1. download all audio to folder
2. download the manual to your folder and all pdf files
3.purchase a notebook (she will tell you why during the audio.)

Remember to evaluate your audience. You should know information about potential customers. For instance, are they male or female? How old are they? What are their biggest problems? Once you have this information, you can gear your website toward potential customers. What is keeping you from starting a website and moving your business online?

Search Engine Optimization

When posting to your blog, it is important to use keywords. Keywords are the words or phrases that best describe your business. These words or phrases are what potential customers will type into Google or other search engines to find you. You can start by using Google's keyword search engine. Type in one word or phrase and see what others come up. Make a list of the highest ranking words or phrases and keep them close to your computer.

When you are posting to your blog, refer to your list of keywords. Try to use one keyword in your blog post title, one in the first sentence, and one in the first paragraph. It doesn't have to be the same keyword in each of these but the words you use should be at the top of your keyword list.

Remember, keywords are how people find you and your business. When you post to your blog and use keywords, the search engines will rank your blog. They call this search engine optimization or SEO. The higher your blog ranks, the more traffic you will get coming to your blog. What are the top five key words you use to rank your blog?

Blogging: Choose A Domain Name

Once you decide which blogging platform you will be using, you will need a name for your blog. You can start by using your business name. If it is a common name, it may not be available. But if it is unique, chances are good that it will be available. For instance, if your business name is Joe's, there is already a restaurant by that name. But if your name is Joe's Auto Mechanic Shop, it may be available. So have some options available when choosing your domain name.

I recommend you search for domain names over at Go Daddy. They have good deals there and are easy to search names. You may become known by your domain name which is OK if that is your business name. You can always purchase another one but why waste the money of purchasing one and not using it? You can change to another blog at a later date but it gets very complicated and you may loose some of your posts and content. Make sure you are happy with your domain name before purchasing one.

If you will be using Typepad, then you are ready to start blogging. If you are using Word Press, you will need to find a hosting company to host your blog before starting. What domain name have you chosen?

Starting An Online Business

One of the first steps you need to take to move your business online is to decide whether you will have a blog or a website. A website is one that is static. It is set up and very little changes are made to it. A blog, short for weblog, can be changed and added to anytime. Having current information on your blog will help with your search engine rankings which I will talk about at a later date.

Once you decide, it's time to get started. On a static website, you can provied information such as your location, hours of operation, and products or services you sell. If you decide on a blog, a blog must be hosted. Typepad hosts their blogs on their site. Word press must be hosted at a hosting company. I don't recommend the free blogging services. You are writing these blog posts to expand your business. The free services can be taken down at any time and you will loose all your information. Once your blog is set up, it is easy to make daily posts.

The ideas are endless since you already have a business established. Your present customers are your ideas for blog posts. What problems did you solve for a customer this week? What did a customer ask you on the phone this week? Do you find your self repeating the same information? Maybe that information would make a good blog post. Each blog post gives out new information to potential customers. Start blogging now!

Online Success Recommendation

Moving a business online takes time and know-how. In Jeanette Cates book, she describes how to achieve online success. Not only does she give you ideas, she gives you 101 of them! Pic two or three of them to get started. Once you accomplish those, you can add another two or three. Don't wait. Start today!

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