Choose and Brand a High Quality Unique Selling Proposition

Unique Selling PropositionHaving a fantastic USP will allow you to compete in markets that are otherwise far too saturated. Your USP, or your "Unique Selling Proposition," is what sets you apart from everyone else. It's what you put front and center in all your marketing. It's what gives you the leverage you need to pry your customers away from the grip of existing businesses to come try you out instead. Continue reading

How To Create Customer Motivation

create customer motivation

If you want to create customer motivation, one of the first places you should look is yourself. The way you speak and communicate with your customers plays a large role in how they feel about your brand, product or service. Continue reading

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using eLance or oDesk

benefits and drawbacks of using eLance or oDeskOne of the most common places people go to outsource work are freelance websites like eLance or oDesk. These places have thousands of freelancers ready and waiting to do exactly the kinds of projects you're looking to outsource. That said however, there are some major benefits and some major drawbacks to using eLance and/or oDesk.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using eLance or oDesk

Here are some of the main pros and cons of using freelancer marketplaces. Continue reading

Accounts Receivable Software: What Is It and Do You Need It?

Accounts Receivable SoftwareIf you run a business that offers payment terms to customers or doesn't require customers to pay up front, then you're probably going to need accounts receivable software. While it's possible to keep track of just a handful of customers' terms, by the time you get to more than half a dozen customers, tracking all their payments and terms will get difficult.

Accounts receivable software might seem basic when you first look at it, but it actually does a lot more than just track unpaid invoices. What exactly does AR software do and do you need it? Let's take a look. Continue reading

A Guide to MyBlogGuest

MyBlogGuestMyBlogGuest is the largest marketplace for guest bloggers to meet with people who want guest posts. Landing a guest blogging gig on this site is extremely simple: just contact a blogger who's looking for someone like you, make a pitch and you're done. Best of all - it's free!

Keep in mind that MyBlogGuest is best for landing moderate PageRank or moderate traffic sites. High profile blogs like TechCrunch or Tim Ferris' blog simply aren't on MyBlogGuest. Instead, to land first and second tier blogs, you should go directly to the blog's author and make your pitch.

However, for moderate rankings and PageRank sites, there's nothing easier than

==> The "Looking for a Guest Author" Section

Start in this section. This is where bloggers who want to look for guest authors go to advertise. Continue reading

How To Kick Start A New Project In 5 Easy Steps

Kick Start A New ProjectWhenever you kick start a new project, you should do so starting with a "new project meeting." In this meeting you'll lay out the objectives, the methodologies you'll be using, the various roles in the team and last but not least, the ground rules. The ground rules are the operating agreements that keep the project on task as things move forward.

Here are a few ground rules that can help you make sure you keep your team on track.

==> If Something's Off Course, Let the Group Know

It can be very tempting to try and hide things that aren't going well. Continue reading

Incorporate Your Business, Right or Wrong?

Incorporate Your BusinessBusiness owners often wait a long time before planning their exit. For example, they might wait until they get to a certain amount of profits before looking at an exit strategy. The reality is, planning an exit should happen before you incorporate.

The moment you incorporate, you set a number of things in stone. Coming back later to change these things can be extremely difficult and extremely expensive. Sometimes it can cause major damage to your business.

Why should you plan your exit before you incorporate your business? Continue reading

Motivation for Business Owners

Motivation for Business OwnersBefore you try to motivate someone, the first thing to do is spend as much time as possible really understanding who they are and where they're coming from. Your customer doesn't care that you want to motivate them. They just want their problem solved.

Speakers and business owners who focus on trying to motivate people often fail. Why? Because wanting to motivate someone is inherently a self-centered desire. "I want to motivate" or "I want to build my brand" or "I want people to buy" are all I-focused. There is different motivation for business owners than there is for customers.

Instead, successful speakers don't start with what they want. They don't start with wanting to motivate; they start with what the customer wants. Continue reading

Basic Mark-Up Changes in HTML5

According to Wikipedia, HyperText Markup Language, commonly referred to as HTML, is the standard markup language used to create web pages. It is written in the form of HTML elements consisting of tags enclosed in angle brackets (like <html>). This may be a little technical for many people just starting out or for those who just don't want to bother. But since you are using WordPress as your blogging platform, we all should be familiar with the basics. You never know when you'll need to make a change to make something unique to your site. Continue reading