Internet Marketing Facts For Your Business

internet marketing factsInternet marketing has potential. That potential is to make you money. It has the potential of making enough money that you can quit your day job and work from the comfort of your own home while making your own hours. It seems like a godsend career but always remember this one fact:  potential is not the same as a guarantee.

Like any other business, an online business is still exactly that... a business. You still need to pour in all of your own blood, sweat and tears in order for it to achieve that success you have always wanted. But until then, you have to know that internet marketing will not work for you... not unless you work for it first. It doesn't work the other way around and people that still think so are doomed to fail right from the beginning. Many people think of it as the other way round and that is when they are doomed to fail even before they begin.

6 Internet Marketing Facts

Here are some facts that you should know about internet marketing:

No Overnight Rags To Riches

The only thing that's going to make you rich overnight online is if you won the online jackpot or lottery. Many people fall prey to the shiny object syndrome of instant riches. The truth is that internet marketing will take time. It takes time to set up and time to grow. Even then you might not see the results that you desire.This is when patience and persistence really pay because you might even need to invest the same hours that you did on your day job to help push your online business. And it's not unusual to be investing more than you did before.

Not Free

It is true that thanks to online marketing, the capital needed for a start-up company or business can be close to nothing. Even if it does require some money, the capital needed is nowhere near the conventional cost of a brick and mortar business. However, for a serious internet marketer that wants to build an online business empire, purely relying on the free route alone will only take your business so far.

Eventually, you are going to come across valuable information, knowledge, marketing software or tools, product or services that can be beneficial for your business which needs to be bought.

The Bottom line is internet marketing is not 100% free.  You need money to make more money. Think of it as investing but instead of investing in real estate, you are investing in your online business. Any serious online business is going to need to invest money for their business to grow.


When it comes to a business, it's time to start shifting your focus and priority towards your customers. Because your business exists to cater to your target market, your business must exist to serve customers by giving them value. It's all about them, and it's all for them.

Your business will need building from the ground up, expanding and improving your online business or carry out your marketing strategies. These won’t get done if you do them only when you “feel” like it. Just like you can't expect to leave your client emails unanswered for long periods of time, you can't expect to add content on your site once in a couple of months, or leave your social media pages inactive for 6 months and still expect your business to thrive.

Procrastination and laziness will always plague us, and when we don't have an employer constantly looking over our shoulders. It's easy being unmotivated and unproductive. Therefore, as a business owner, you must become disciplined enough to be self-motivating and learn to recognize and perform tasks which are priority. Because it's you and you alone who are responsible for your own business and by not giving it priority, your business will never grow unless you invest time in it.

Multiple Strategies

In internet marketing, there are many online strategies taught by different people which you can use within your online business. Each of this strategy claims to be better than the other, and they involve using different ways and sources, but they all still serve one goal and one goal only, which is internet marketing.

When it comes to business, it is never a good idea to keep all your eggs in one basket. So instead of going and relying on a single strategy, it would be wise for you to adopt multiple strategies when it comes to internet marketing.

Find a way to get these strategies to complement each other. Each strategy might even be an additional source of income and having multiple sources of online income is certainly a great way to have a more stable income.

Test And Tweak

Your online business will never be completely perfect.  This is because internet marketing is constantly shifting and evolving, and if you really want to stay in the run or stay ahead of the competition, you really have to adapt accordingly.  Online marketing interests, demands, and trends can change in a heartbeat. It is your interest to test and tweak aspects of your business accordingly.

Take for example, the call-to-action on your landing pages. Will you have a better click through rate if you were to simply re-word it? Does it relate to your target audience? The only way to know is to test different versions on it and then tweak accordingly based on the results. By constant testing and tweaking, you are improving your internet marketing efforts thus making it more efficient.

Importance Of A Website

This section could be a blog post all by itself. With the importance of a business blog in internet marketing, having your very own website has grown from a recommendation to a necessity now. With having your very own website, you have total control of everything that you want to put on it, including layout, design as well as content.

When you use your own domain name and website that contain the name of your business, it tells you customers that you are  professional. And when customers see that you are indeed a credible business, they will start trusting you, and that is when they start buying from you.

By having a website of your own, you have total freedom of monetizing your website, and you also have the freedom to choose as many monetization models you want for your website. Think of your website as the main headquarters for your online business where potential prospects will come and find you.

Internet Marketing Facts for Thought

To reap the full potential of what internet marketing can bring to your customers, start by getting in the right mindset. That will help you possess the right attitude and characteristics to not only bring you internet marketing success, but also success in every other aspect of your life. And a good thing to note is that, there is never a good enough time for running an online business, but now. After reading these 6 internet marketing facts, did you take the first step? Post your website in the comments section below. It’s a great way to promote your business and get traffic to your website.

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