Customer Service To Market Yourself

Customer Service To Market YourselfAs consumers, many of us are all-too familiar with failing companies. They tend to under delivering or down-right failing to make good on their promises at all. We order products and they arrive late.  We eat meals and find they're a bit cold. We watch films that don't live up to the trailers or the hyper. Customer service to market yourself could be advantageous to all.

This is why it's so refreshing when a company goes out of its way to do the opposite. Some companies will give you more than you bargained for. This is what you call 'over delivering' in business. It's a very powerful tool if you want to increase your company's reputation and encourage loyalty from your customers. By building that relationship with your customers, they will see you as a person who they can deal with to handle any problem that arises.

How do you go about it? Read on and we'll look at some of the top methods businesses can use in order to exceed expectations to impress your customers and overdeliver. By improving your customer service, you will end up with marketing yourself. Your customers will want to recommend you to their friends because of your customer service.

Customer Service To Market Yourself

Here are some tips to help improve customer service, exceed expectations, impress your customers and market yourself.


One of the simplest ways to over-deliver is to send out your products more quickly than you claim to. If your delivery time is normally 3-4 days then advertise it as 4-7 days. All those customers who get their parcel a day early will be very satisfied indeed.


Another very straightforward-yet-effective way to impress your customers and clients is to give something away for free. This could be a little free gift you give someone who comes into your store. It could be something you slip into your parcel if you run an ecommerce site. It could also be vouchers or coupons for money off the next time they do business with you.

Personal Touch

Business can often feel very cold. We often don't interact with anyone and do everything online. This can be alienating for customers. If they have a problem, they don't know who to contact. They could end up feeling just like a number rather than a valued customer. There are a few things you can do to improve that. You can add a personal message. You could even calling a customer to see how they're getting on. You can add a personal touch that will surely be appreciated and remembered.

Continued Support

You can also over deliver in terms of support. When we buy a product or service we expect a certain amount of support should anything go wrong. If you make an effort to reach out and make sure the customer is happy, then you'll often find that it leaves a lasting impression.  Let them know that they can contact you for consultation at any point,

You need to exceed the expectations of your customers. Your goal should be to have happy customers. You can impress your customers and overdeliver. Remember, customer service to market yourself is a win-win situation. You get happy customers and they get their problems solved.

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