Co-Working Offices: The Pros and Cons

Co-working Offices

In today's high tech society, more and more people are starting online businesses. If you go into business this way, you don't even have to get out of your pajamas in the morning. Others who are freelancers or internet business owners might opt for the concept of co-working. Keep reading to find out both positive and negative points of this type of working environment.

What Is Co-Working Offices?

When you work from home, chances are you are there alone or with your kids. At first, you may have been psyched to work in your PJs and get to spend time with your family. Pretty soon you realize that this is not exactly the best way to be productive in your business. Maybe a change of scenery would help?

With the idea of co-working, people who would otherwise be working from home (independent contractors, freelance writers and telecommuters) gather together in an office setting with each other. The idea is to foster an environment where you can be around other like-minded professionals such as yourself and get a bit of social interaction in the bargain.

Before you join a co-working group, know what you are getting into. Search to find a co-working facility in your area that meets the needs of your business niche. Check out the other people who are sharing the facility. Do they have similar interests and working habits?

Pros of Co-Working Environments

Here are some advantages to working in such an environment.

* Socialization – It can get very boring very quickly when you are home alone. In a co-working office, you have the luxury of meeting new people who may have some of the same interests that you have. You can trade information about your businesses for mutual growth.

* Dedicated work environment – There is something about an office setting that makes you want to work. Without kids running between your feet and little ones crying, you may actually get something done.

* Relaxed dress code – Unlike your employer's office, you now have flexibility when it comes to your wardrobe. Wear jeans and a sweatshirt to the office if you like. The name of the game is "comfort."

Cons of Co-Working Environments

* Distractions – With so many other people working in the office, you may be tempted to be more social than you need to be. Hanging out at your neighbor's desk won't get your work completed.

* Different working styles – Some people may like to brainstorm out loud. This might not be conducive to your quieter manner of silent thinking.

* The cost – At home, you are keeping your overheads low. You already pay for your residence. In a co-working office, you are paying a daily, monthly or extended stay rate. The overhead costs for your business have just increased.

This was not a solution for me. I found that costs did not fit my budget and the time (travel to and from) wasted more time that I wanted to give. Is co-working offices right for you? Weigh the pros and cons. Just because you choose it now doesn't mean that you can't change your mind later. Leave your comments in the comment section below this post. I'd like to know if you tried this concept and how it worked out for you.

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