Motivation for Business Owners

Before you try to motivate someone, the first thing to do is spend as much time as possible really understanding who they are and where they’re coming from. Your customer doesn’t care that you want to motivate them. They just … Continue reading

Are Banner Ads a Good Way to Build A Brand?

A lot of marketers today think of banner ads as the advertising tool of yesterday. When the internet first took off, banner advertising was the “in” thing. But as people started to develop “banner blindness” and started ignoring ads, the … Continue reading

Will You Make $150,000 This Year With Your Online Platform?

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Give New Life To Old Posts With Copywriting Techniques

Don’t let old blog posts die.  There are at least two reasons why. The first reason is that you want internal linking for SEO purposes. You want those links to be natural to make the search engines and your readers … Continue reading

Losing Emails Could Mean You Are Losing Business

Do you assume that you receive every email that is sent to you? I’ve been losing emails and I didn’t even know it. I subscribe to certain people within my industry to receive great updates, news and hot info. I … Continue reading